Somethings are hard to face and understand but in the end they can't stay unnoticed. 
The year in Finland is soon over. My room is full of things I need to get rid of.
There is still one university course of sculpture class to do and I am finally done with my Bachelor.

And after this laid back weekend is time for serious job hunting and arranging for the moving.
I want to begin from the start. It is simple. This just wasn't the right thing before 
It seemed to work, but it wasn't me. So I call it now, Where Did You Run To, 
a song by Mazzy Stars from the early 90's. Since I had time for myself again, 
it has given me the change to open my view. I have been thinking what is really good for me. 
And other questions like, what really makes me happy and what do I really want to do with my life. 
There is no sense in negativity, it is easier to trust yourself and face the outside world. 
I want to embrace this new beginning and really focus on here in 
second hand and vintage clothing, do-it-yourself, 
and especially sewing my own clothes 
plus other things that make me happy
also time to time photography and drawings and paintings from boring things
and occasionally interior images of sorts.

PS. Questions gonna be answered soon.

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