I am worrying too often about everything, always thinking negative and speculating.
It is not very healthy for a mind to be constantly overloaded with such thoughts.
In a stressy state of life, it might be hard to keep everything together. Especially to have time for yourself. 
And the more, actually to just not to do anything and think how am I really feeling.
It might be a battle with a mood of negativity.  And the simplest way to cope with your own
 mind attacking yourself is to blocking it, tell yourself how stupid and unnecessary thoughts your are thinking. 
Then using all your energy to think about things that make you happy or daydreaming. 
But in the middle of the stress, how you manage to have the time 
to actually stop and think and not to let the worrying take over.
It seems so hard to calm down, but once you decide to not to listen to music or in any 
way distract yourself on a bus to work, you will notice. 
Instead of always turning your inner voice off and focusing on superficial things, 
let your self think and wonder about what ever comes in mind. 
I find it important to slow down and listen to myself, erase the bad thoughts and let some air in. 
Meditating, Yoga or taking a walk, or any other calming way. 
I know it sounds cheesy, but I really think taking care of yourself and keeping 
yourself aware of what is going on in your head is important. 

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  1. Vanamo, mä en kyllä kestä kuinka upea olet. (kaksoispistekolme-hymiö)
    Juustoisia sanoja nämäkin, mutta yhtä tosia kuin omat viisaasi tuossa.

  2. milex: thanks!

    aura: itse olet upeaaaaa kaksoipistehymiö hehe

  3. Love these pictures and the outfit. Your blog is awesome <3