Late summer and ironic

Drawing by me

It must not be a hard boiled egg to get what this summers hyped hits.
 Everything is daisy pattern and most of the time I can spot some kind of vintage styled high wasted shorts.
Or the best combination is the daisy and the shorts together, from American Apparel or some other cheaper version of the same one hit wonder. The very best thing cropped top, is out there everywhere, 
not that I don't like it, but the how people just wear it not thinking that the top is actually cropped. 
Well and I do enjoy wearing a cropped turtle neck top as well, 
and yes it is very 90's which is the current trend era if no one did not yet notice. 
Just to crown that ironic summer outfit, the toddler backpacks is the only way to finish it off.


Drawing by me

I wanted to waste my time and think what would be the key things to wear these Fall, 
that would be not those ironic choices which every little boho chick is running after for. 
So please, do not color your hair pink or any rainbow unicorn pastel, 
instead get your natural hair back and don't wash for few days. 
Just saying...

to be continued 

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